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9509 Harwin Dr.
Houston, TX 77036

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Please fill out this Inquiry form, so that our business consultants can help you.
(By filling this form, there is no obligation or bindings to purchase from us. we will not share your information with any other companies and will be used to assist you only):

Minimum of $30,000.00 is required to open your own dollar discount retail store.

If you are not planning to open your store in the next SIX MONTHS, then please do not submit an application at this time. We will be more than happy to help you open a dollar/discount store when the desired opening date is six or less months away. Please keep in mind that opening a dollar/discount store only requires one to two months.

We primarily import and wholesale dollar store merchandise and store fixtures. We own a substantial-sized warehouse in Los Angeles, California with inventory stock on hand. Furthermore, during an economic crisis such as this, we keep our prices the most competitive and economical.

Please note, we do not provide any SBA financial assistance at this time.

Please have this two following questionnaire after the question, How soon would you like to open your store

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