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We are the authorized affiliate of QuickBook to sell the Complete POS system. If you buy with our reference you will get certain amount of discount (15% - 20%) of the regular price. QuickBooks Products Are #1 Rated, #1 Best Selling Year After Year

Accountants recommendation: 3 out of 4 accountants say that QuickBooks helps them work more efficiently & effectively with their clients. OR More accountants buy QuickBooks than all other accounting software combined.* Based on survey conducted July 2005 Guaranteed easy - - or your money back! QuickBooks 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. Try QuickBooks for 60 days. If you're not satisfied, return it with dated receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. Get up and running quickly, smoothly and accurately - with FREE QuickBooks support included for 30 days from software registration. Easily export data to Turbo Tax: “Turbo Tax is sold separately.”

POS Software and Hardware Bundle

QuickBooks Point of Sale is an easy-to-use software and hardware solution that tracks inventory, sales and customer information to help you save time.

QB POS Hardware bundle requires 3 available USB ports.

** Works with any QuickBooks Pro or Premier Edition (2003-2006) and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2.0-6.0). Sold separately

POS Software Only

QuickBooks Point of Sale 5.0 provides easy-to-use tools to track and manage your retail inventory, sales and customer information to save you time.

POS Hardware Only

POS System Hardware includes Bar Code Scanner, Receipt Printer, Credit Card Reader, Cash Drawer, PIN Pad PIN Pad with Integrated Card Swipe, Tag Printer, Pole Display, etc.


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